Rp 15.796.000 Yeastar TE100 – 1 VoIP PRI Gateway(VoIP-E1/T1/J1)

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Yeastar TE100 is a single port VoIP E1/ T1 /J1 gateway (VoIP to E1/ T1 /J1, and E1/ T1 /J1 to VoIP) that supports up to 30 concurrent calls. It¡¯s designed to bridge the gap between E1/ T1 /J1 and VoIP networks. TE100 offers SMBs cost effective additions to an legacy telephone system to bring the true benefits of VoIP. Integrating TE100 into an existing network will allow for inexpensive communication via SIP trunking. Also, it could connect VoIP systems with E1/T1/J1 service from legacy carriers.


E1/T1/J1 Port: 1 (Support PRI, MFC R2, SS7)

Protocol: SIP (RFC3261)

Transport Protocol: UDP, TCP, TLS, SRTP

DTMF: RFC2833, SIP INFO, In-band

Codec: G.711 a/u-law, G.722, G.726, G.729 A, GSM,

ADPCM, Speex

LAN: 10/100 Mbps

WAN: 10/100 Mbps

Size: 213x160x44mm

Power Supply: AC 100~240V,50~60Hz (DC 12V, 1A)

Trunk Support
Call Routing Rules

Automatic appending and stripping of digits to dialed numbers

Caller ID name and number support

FAX support



DDNS Support

Backup And Restore

Easy to install


1) Cost-effective Call Routing

2) Easy-to-navigate GUI

3) Simple Installation

4) Easy to integrate

5) Low power consumption for your green office

1) Connect legacy PBX systems to VoIP services
2) Connect legacy PBX systems to remote sites over private VoIP links

3) Connect IP PBX systems to legacy TDM services

4) Phased transition from Legacy PBX to IP PBX

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